The History of Lytham St. Annes

Going back the place is known to have populated during the Bronze period, and scattered villages have existed there ever since, including Hamlet named Kilgrimol that is believed to have been discovered in 900-AD by Vikings. The place including the Fylde area was known in Anglo Saxson. Lytham is mentioned in the Domes day Book as Lidun. In 1198 Richard provides his Lytham estates to the Benedictine monks who are from Durham. The monks well-known a priory on the site of the current Lytham Hall, The priory existed until 5138, then next year the monastery at the Durham was melted and the Crown turns out to be Lord of the Manor.

The manor of the Lytham passed via many owners until in 1605 it was sold to Clifton. He enlarged the Manor and build it household seat. The home was replaced in 1757 when the current Lytham Hall, designed by York’s architect John Carr. At this, the St. Annes did not exists, but the Lytham was wide enough to be named a town, with its own reputation as a resort.

Northwards alongside the coast from the Lytham within Clifton estates, were everywhere sand dunes. The single habituations were the small village of Heyhouse & the rural Trawl Boat Inn. In 1874 the Clifton made a Chapel of Ease dedicated to St. Anne in this place, to cheer better religious observance. This becomes the parish church of St. Annes. At the time it was made the church had no tower.

On 14 Oct 1874 the St. Annes on the sea building and land was authorized, mainly at the instigation of Hargreaves, a rich Lancashire mill holder who mention was to build the area as a resort. And the area of St. Annes was leased from the estate for 999 years, though the lease remains provided the option Clifton to right to cut the game in the area for this era.

A split firm was formed to finance the structure of the pier that was opened in 1885. At the time the major channel of River Ribble ran by the last of the pier, and ships and boats would bring people in from South port and Lytham. In 1910, the Floral Hall was public at the last of the pier. It was famous attractions & including Leslie Henson, Claude Hulbert, and Grace Fields entire performed there.

In 1974 a huge fire widely damages the Hall, it resorted to few extent, it eded up being applied as skate park before one more fire in Jul 1982 damaged it. About half of the pier was then knocked down to create the beach safe to use.

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